Social Media Video Content- Worth It?

You bet. It's not only worth it, it's almost imperative these days. Let me explain. The next time you are out in a public area, take a look at everyone around you. What are they doing? They are all on their personal devices! Everyone you see around you may not have seen the latest episode of Game of Thrones, but I guarantee you they've all checked Facebook and/or Instagram at one point, if not multiple times already today! This is where your audience is!!! This is what they are looking at constantly throughout their day! Simply put, your content has to stand out. As a small business ourselves, we are constantly looking for ways to expand our reach, audience AND clients. Just as every (good) business should, right? Right! Well, it not only takes attention grabbing photos and clever wording, it NOW takes VIDEO. Clever, eye catching video ads. In our experience, we're already seeing a difference in the interaction amongst our clients and followers by simply adding video that speaks to our audience. 

With Facebook and Instagram specifically, video is being pushed out to audiences with more priority ranking behind them. Facebook and Instagram WANT you to advertise with video. We are already seeing more and more start-ups choosing video content over any other media type. These are the businesses that are staying competitive. Your current and potential clients notice this.

Those all the thoughts for today! Stick with us as we discuss topics related to using creative content to speak to your customers. Thank you for visiting the Sky Blog!

Now, catch up on that new episode of Game of Thrones!